About Us > CreditCheck Partners

CreditCheck Partners conducts due diligence that protects transactions and reputations.

Doing business in a globalized world is increasingly challenging. As more businesses look overseas and particularly to emerging markets, they find themselves inadequately protected. Ever increasing incidences of fraud, corruption, bribery, and financial links to political parties, organized crime and terrorism add a whole new dimension to business risk. Failure to pre-empt, address, or mitigate these risks can have a far more damaging impact on the reputation of a company.

  • CreditCheck Partners excels in matching Reputational Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations to the anticipated risks of doing business in emerging markets

  • CreditCheck Partners uses cultural know-how of doing business. We also leverage much needed in-country networks in markets that are known for their low degree of IT penetration, informal flow of information, and language barriers

  • Finally, CreditCheck Partners is an integrated business model with end-to-end due diligence services and products. CreditCheck Partners believes in presenting fact based research to its clients. Our clients then use these raw findings to anticipate, mitigate, and manage their risk exposure and ultimately, safeguard their investments

About Us > Team

CreditCheck Partners is co-founded by Mukesh Bajaj and Nitul Shah who have collectively more than 35 years of experience in the risk management business, serving clients in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Mukesh draws his skillset and knowledge from having worked with various transnational investigations and risk management companies active in the Asia Pacific region, while Nitul has been actively involved in investigations since early 2000s and has been running his own niche consulting business servicing international businesses that do not have a presence in India.

CreditCheck Partners' team comprises of field investigators, multi-lingual research analysts, database specialists, employee verification screeners, anti-money laundering specialists, security consultants, and event planners.

Our consultants come with experience in third party anti-bribery and reputation due diligence and foreign anti-corruption compliance, conflict of interest, credit ratings research, vendor screening, litigation checks, data analytics, supply chain integrity, child-labour investigation, and corporate social accountability audit.

About Us > Partners & Associates

CreditCheck Partners' investigative reach is enhanced by its Partners and Associates who are consulted depending on the scope and complexity of the case. Through these partnerships we offer pre-employment screening, forensic accounts, information security, IP protection, and security consulting services.

Our clients stand to benefit from these combined networks. By partnering with complementary businesses we aim to provide a wider canvas of product offerings and function as a one stop-shop.

About Us > Ethics

Our investigative findings help our clients to ask the right questions before making a decision in business.

CreditCheck Partners conducts all investigations legally, discreetly, and confidentially.

CreditCheck Partners complies with local privacy laws and makes sure those rights are not encroached upon in any way. CreditCheck Partners takes special care in handling sensitive projects and takes adequate steps to prevent or mitigate unnecessary client exposure. CreditCheck Partners’ team is bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and maintain a high code of ethics.

Due diligence is more than just the verification of information that someone gives. CreditCheck Partners conducts independent research and presents fact-based findings regardless of whether it confirms, supplements or contradicts what a client might expect to find. A good investigator is one who presents the truth and nothing but the truth.